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About Me

Wendy Toon of Balance 4 Horse and RiderI am the principal practitioner at Balance 4 Horse and Rider. I grew up in a small farming community in rural Australia. My love of horses began when I was a young girl. My sister and I rode an old pack horse on a cattle property,

We loved him, he was so old and really enjoyed our company.

 My love and passion was realised over a 15 year period when my husband and I owned a 120 acre farm, where I gained my knowledge and training in horsemanship with my 6 horses under Deon Locke who is currently one of the leading reining trainers in the USA.

 Throughout this period, I practiced extensive groundwork training using Parelli Natural Horsemanship games and techniques.

 I am a fully qualified practitioner in advanced Emmett Techniques having trained in the United Kingdom and Australia.

I established my business in 2015 operating in Scotland before relocating back to the Gold Coast, Australia.

I believe combining Emmett Techniques with natural horsemanship methods provides the complete balance for horse and rider.

Wendy Toon

Contact Me

To make an enquiry, request a call back or ask for further information, please use the form below.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I am based in Guanaba in the Gold Coast Hinterland and practice throughout South East Queensland

Uniquely Structured Sessions 

Each horse has unique issues so whether it be physical or emotional,I will discuss and structure the sessions and a maintenance program to achieve maximum results. Depending on the situation, sessions will be suggested from as often as once a week for injuries to once a month for maintenance, for your horse to stay in peak condition.  Each session will be tailored to suit the circumstances.